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We’re Hiring!

Come join a team of dedicated professionals as we push to make the lives of children and their families better and easier during their time of crisis.


Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Full Time (exempt-salaried)

Summary Description

House Program Operations:

Fundraising Events: 

Community Relations:

Volunteer Coordination:

Knowledge, skills and abilities

Please send your resume and cover letter to bmoretti@rmhghv.org


Guest Relations Associate

Part Time

Must be friendly, courteous, comfortable dealing with families going through difficult situations, reliable, able to work independently, a self starter and take initiative. Comfortable working with a computer and various programs. Physical requirements include the ability to lift a minimum of 20lbs and the ability to walk or stand for long periods as well as use stairs. The right person for this position is able to be on-call at times, work a rotating shift, work holidays, weekends and inclement weather.

Evening & Weekends