2302 Nights YTD (1)

In 2021


Our Mission

The Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley is committed to keeping families with sick or injured children close to each other and to the care and resources they need.

We achieve our mission through the quality, experience, and dedication of our staff and volunteers, as well as support from our community and local businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized within the tri-state and Hudson Valley Region as an organization that makes a significant contribution to improving the lives of children and their families by:

  • increasing access to health care for families with children in need
  • ensuring efficient and effective use of resources to advance our mission
  • celebrating diversity of our people and programs
  • operating with accountability and transparency


  • Addressing the critical needs of children and their families;
  • Providing compassionate care and communities of support;
  • Welcoming and celebrating the diversity of our community and families we serve
  • Stewarding our donor’s investment with accountability and transparency.