Pull Tab Program


Our unique Pull Tab Recycling Collection Program helps the House and the environment!

The pull tab recycling program is one of the ways we generate funds to help underwrite the cost of a night’s stay. By collecting pull tabs you can help support families experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

Volunteers collect the pull tabs from aluminum cans and we bring them to a local recycling center where they are exchanged for money at the current market value per pound of aluminum. (Approximately 1,267 tabs are in a pound depending on the size, shape, and metal content.)

Collecting aluminum tabs is a fun and easy way to get involved with the House. You can make it a company, school, personal, or class project. If a school is large enough, it may want to challenge the students to collect 1,000,000 tabs. Environmental clubs can collect tabs as a part of their efforts to help the environment. Clubs that are committed to charity work can see how their efforts directly affect our families.

Please drop off your pull tabs at Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley. Call 914-493-6455 to schedule a convenient time. Most groups find it more convenient to drop off pull tabs in smaller amounts. If you prefer, you can bring your tabs to your nearest scrap metal or recycling processing business: turn in the tabs, collect the money they offer and send that to us (in the form of a check) with a note indicating the weight and amount to :

Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley
Pull Tab Program
80 Woods Road
Valhalla, NY 10595

Every pull tab collected helps our families.