Comforts Of Home

Our goal is to ensure our families feel the warmth and support of home, even during challenging times. We understand that a sense of familiarity and comfort can make all the difference for families facing difficult circumstances. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing essential resources and heartfelt care to those in need, starting with a warm meal. Learn more about our meal programs below.

Meals that Heal

Through our Meals that Heal program, families are offered 1 – 2 warm meals a day.

Meals on the House (M.O.T.H.)

M.O.T.H provides meals to partnering hospitals. 

Additional House Programs​

Niko’s Gifts

Niko’s Gifts is a program that provides guests a variety of necessities that they may need during their child’s hospitalization, such as clothing for adults and children, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, etc.

Neonatal Nursing Mother’s Program

This program allows nursing mothers access to hospital grade breast pumps, breast milk lock boxes, breast milk freezer.

Sully’s Essentials

Sully’s essentials is a program that provides guests with essentials, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. in their rooms upon arrival.  The House is able to provide extras of these products if needed. 

Riley’s Parade

Riley’s Parade is our welcome bag program for NICU families. This program is graciously provided by a previous family to help our new ones!

Work Den

For guest that need to do a quiet space to read or work, we have a work den, which provides two computers and a printer. 

Serenity Nook

The serenity nook is a private room in the House on the first floor for nursing mothers. This room has a hospital grade breast pump and provides privacy to breastfeed, if needed.