Family Stories

The Schulte family have been guests at our House on and off for more than five months. Baby Elizabeth, “Betty”, was born on July 26, 2021 weighing just over 1 lb. The family lives in Orange county, over an hour and a half away. When Danielle, Betty’s mom, went into preterm labor, she was transferred to Westchester Medical Center where she delivered Betty. She was told had she not been transferred before she gave birth, Betty would not have survived. Since then, little Betty has been receiving care and growing strong in the NICU at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. Betty’s parents, Neil and Danielle have spent a total of 99 nights at our House, to date. Betty is doing well and weighs nearly 10 lbs now. While she may need to go to Blythedale Children’s Hospital to receive a little more specialized care first, she should be heading home with mom and dad very soon.  Recently the Schulte family gave an interview to the team from the River Journal when they came in to prepare a meal for the families. You can read that article HERE.

 Elizabeth “Betty” Schulte

 Kyle Freeman

“My husband and I ended up at Ronald McDonald House after our son Kyle was born prematurely at 24 weeks. He was just 1lb 11oz and fought daily to simply be here!  We live about an hour away from Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital so driving back and forth daily was taking a toll. It was very important for me to have time to pump, sit with Kyle all day, and get some rest. We were so lucky to have stayed at the RMH for about 85 days out of the 136 days Kyle was in the NICU.  I was always blown away by the support of the community – who would come in to volunteer to cook dinner and sometimes brunch on the weekends! It felt so nice to have a home cooked meal! I continue to raise awareness for preemies and the importance of Ronald McDonald House. I’m happy to send items off their amazon wishlist and when Kyle is a little older we’d love to come back and cook for the house once a month!

Ronald McDonald House gave me a safe place to live next door to my newborn son. In an already traumatizing situation – it gave me peace of mind to be so close and allow me to focus solely on Kyle and getting him big and strong!”

“We would just like to say thank you again, the support we received from you all, is something we will never forget. Having a loved one in the hospital is never easy but having a baby, your child in the hospital is traumatic and the most challenging obstacle for family’s. My daughters were scared and sad to be away from home, to be at RMH because it was unfamiliar. However, you all, especially Celeste, made them feel safe, happy, welcome and secure. Our family could not be more appreciative. Thank you!”

The Jones Family