Mosher Family

Riley Lynn Mosher was born May 28, 2018 to Taylor Mosher and Julian Rodriguez. Riley was born with a bilateral stroke with seizures and after two emergency transports was put into the care of Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital where she spent 17 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). During those 17 days being over an hour from home the family was welcomed into a whole other family at the Ronald McDonald House.

“We were provided a place to stay that allowed us to be at the hospital in minutes if need be. They provided us a place to cry, a place to eat, a place that greeted us with open arms and listening ears as we tried to come to terms with Riley’s diagnosis. Riley spent six beautiful months on this earth, loved every second of the way. However, Riley’s seizures were not managed correctly and she unfortunately passed away on December 21, 2018 due to a large one in her sleep.” – Riley’s Family.

In Riley’s memory, the family started Riley’s Parade as a way to help NICU parents who face the long journey. They provide care packages filled with toiletries that may have not made it into a parent’s bag as a parent plans to follow his/her child, a few snacks, a notebook and pen to write down any and all questions, a book to read to the child, a blanket (because you would be surprised how much putting a blanket on your child can change your prospective), NICU milestone cards for taking pictures and a onesie for when that little one comes home. These donations, along with Riley’s Random Acts of Kindness that Riley’s Gammie, Lori set up, is how they keep Riley’s memory alive. Riley’s Random Acts of Kindness is meant exactly as it sounds; it’s as simple as paying for someone behind you, donating to great causes like the Ronald McDonald House and keeping Riley’s name alive. It is a simple reminder that it takes nothing to be kind.