Other Types Of Gifts

By making a cash gift or establishing a donor advised fund or charitable lead trust, you can support RMHGHV while taking advantage of tax benefits.

Gifts Of Cash

  • Use the simplest asset to make your donation — no appraisal or acceptance requirements as with gifts of appreciated property.
  • Deliver a gift that RMHGHV can use immediately.
  • Receive a full charitable deduction, and apply it against a larger percentage of your taxable income than a deduction for a property gift.
Is this gift right for you?
  • You are considering an outright gift made during your lifetime.
  • You want a charitable deduction to offset the largest possible amount of your taxable income.
  • You have few appreciated, low-cost-basis securities or other assets to contribute.
  • You enjoy surplus cash flow after meeting your expenses.
  • You would like a charitable deduction today but wish to retain an income stream too.

Donor Advised Fund

  • You or family members you designate have advisory privileges over the fund and may recommend distributions to support RMHGHV and other qualified charitable organizations.
  • You may take a charitable income tax deduction for the value of your gifts in the year they are made. There is no capital gains tax due on appreciated assets, and the gifts may reduce your gross taxable estate.
  • Unlike gifts made through private foundations, charitable distributions from a donor advised fund can be made anonymously.
A donor advised fund at RMHGHV is for you if…
  • You wish to provide significant support for RMHGHV as well as other charitable organizations.
  • You would like the simplicity of a central source for your giving, but are concerned about the expense of starting and maintaining a private foundation.
  • You would like to secure a charitable deduction now, but defer decisions about the beneficiaries of your gift.
  • You want to engage your family in your tradition of philanthropy.

Charitable Lead Trust

  • Income payments to us for a term reduce the ultimate tax cost of transferring an asset to your heirs. 
  • The amount and term of the payments to RMHGHV can be set so as to reduce or even eliminate transfer taxes due when the principal reverts to your heirs.
  • All appreciation that takes place in the trust goes tax-free to the individuals named in your trust.
A charitable lead trust is for you if...
  • You hold appreciating assets that you want to pass on to the next generation.
  • You want to reduce your gift and estate taxes.
  • Your planning objective is to preserve the value of your estate, not increase your income or reduce your income tax.
  • You are looking for techniques that will give your family more of your estate over a longer period of time.
  • You want your gift to provide a stream of income to RMHGHV.