Volunteer Spotlight: When a Supporter Suddenly Needs RMH Services

two volunteers behind a snack table

What drives Marcia Carino’s Over 5 Year Commitment to Giving Back to RMH

Marcia Carino’s, a.k.a Marcie’s, beautiful smile is a consistent face around the RMH-GHV house. She understands our mission from both sides of the coin, having served as a supporter/volunteer prior to and since she and her family suddenly found themselves in need of RMH services.

“After my family used the services of RMH, I moved from intellectually understanding to emotionally understanding the need for RMH.”

Marcie became a supporter of RMH when she and her husband moved to St. Louis, Missouri. She saw that the community around the St. Louis House was very involved and it was easy to become a part of that House. She had no idea that her own family would need RMH and it was the beginning of a long relationship with the charity.

Prior to delivery of Marcie’s first grandchild, the family found out the baby had heart complications which would require an emergency C-section, surgeries, and an extended stay in a hospital. Upon diagnosis, Marcie’s daughter went into parental hyper-drive preparing to do whatever was best for the family. They drove seven hours to a hospital in Orlando, one of the two closest hospitals that could handle their complicated case. After delivery, Marcie’s daughter and son-in-law stayed at the Ronald McDonald House at Arnold Palmer Medical Center for three weeks. Marcie states “that is when the RMH mission became personal and I was attached.”

When Marcie and her husband moved back to Connecticut she knew she wanted to find a volunteering experience that was conducive to her retired lifestyle. (Pictured above: Marcie and her husband, Jerry, volunteering at the House’s 2018 Walkway Over the Hudson.) She wanted to know she was needed and helping someone but understanding of when she wanted to take some time off to vacation in Florida and spend time with her grandchildren. She found that volunteer experience right here at RMH-GHV. Her advice to other volunteers is to be ready to share and use your skills to help the House and staff but to also be open to learn new skills and have new experiences.

“Just being at the House makes you see the importance of giving to others.”

Marcie’s favorite things at the House are to be in the kitchen, to help organize for fundraisers, and getting to know residents better. She is a retired primary school Spanish teacher, who also donates her time with an archaeology group to teach elementary students about Stone Age tools. She enjoys the opera, Pilates, and spending time with her family and three grandchildren.